Letra de la Cancion Himno De Panama (en Ingles) de Himnos De Países


Himnos De Países

Himnos De Países - Himno De Panama (en Ingles)

we reach finally the victory in the happy field of the union;
with ardent brilliancies of glory the new nation is illuminated.

it is necessary to cover with a veil of the past the calvary
and the cross;
and that adorns the blue of your sky of concord the splendid light.

the progress caresses your homes to the compass of sublime song;
you see roar to your feet both seas that give course to your noble mission.

the (ii)nd
in your covered(overcast) soil of flowers, to the kisses of
the lukewarm terral, they finished warlike noises;
only he(she) reigns the brotherly love.

advance the pike and the spade, to the work ado delay;
and we will be honor like that and show, of this fertile world of colon.